Our process starts with getting to know you. We begin with a brief phone call to get acquainted with your financial needs and answer any questions you have. If it appears our services can provide value to you, the next steps are a Complimentary Introductory Meeting in our office, followed by an in-depth Discovery Meeting if you choose to engage our services. During these meetings we discuss your life goals and gather information that relates to all major aspects of your finances.


Next we evaluate your current financial picture. We look at where you are now and compare it with where you want to go identifying adjustments that need to be made and ways to utilize what you have to the fullest.


We will then review various strategies for your wealth to ensure that your goals and your finances are aligned. In our Strategy meeting, we review your initial plan and our recommendations with you. We also prioritize the items that need to be addressed.


After determining action steps, we put the plan into practice. Depending on the complexity of your plan, this often requires several meetings and can incorporate the services of other professionals


Financial planning is not a one-time event. We monitor your plan and investments regularly. Our ongoing meetings help ensure your plan remains accurate and relevant as life changes.