Advantage belongs to the diligent, not the hasty.

I enjoy helping clients achieve their goals and make an impact with their wealth.

I knew I wanted to work in the financial world once I had a taste of investing and working toward personal goals at a young age. Since 1999, I have focused my career on simplifying complex matters through the financial planning process. I teamed up with Audrey Coleman in 2006 and then with One Degree Advisors in 2014.

I currently hold a Business Economics degree from the University of San Diego and I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. I am also the author of Principled Prosperity where I write columns providing clear advice in a complicated financial world.

When outside of the office you can find me on a soccer field coaching my daughter or watching my boys.

Bucket List: Traveling to Israel with my wife, Robin.

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Shemitah Years & Blood Moons Oh My!

Shemitah Years & Blood Moons, Oh My!

If you are basing your decisions on fear or rumor, be diligent to check for truth. Open the word of God and see for yourself….

What is the Real Treasure?

What is the Real Treasure?

We are to act faithfully as stewards of all that He has entrusted to us.

Don’t Let These Years Casually Pass

The objective is to find the best plan, based on the unique circumstances of each family, to prioritize an education centered on God’s truth.

Is it Time for Another Recession?

Is it Time for Another Recession?

Another recession will come, and we don’t know when. We shouldn’t be surprised; we should be prepared. God’s Word outlines how to do just that.