Legacy Rocks!

Remember, proactive planning is not just about your balance sheet — it’s your life, your family, and your values that matter!

Practically Speaking — The Sandwich Generation

Take time now to work on a flexible multi-generation plan. It will save stress, heartache, and expense in the years to come.

Practically Speaking — Changes to Social Security

Being proactive rather than reactive allows you to make the wisest decisions possible for you and your family.

Practically Speaking — Wealth Health

Witnessing the consequences of financial neglect compels me to promote wealth health to anyone who will listen.

Practically Speaking — Joy to the World

The blessings we receive while shopping for each other bring us more joy than any gift we could buy each other.

Practically Speaking — Sudden Wealth

While sudden wealth can be a blessing, without the proper framework, it has the potential to do as much harm as good.

Before you Pull the Trigger on Retirement…

Here are share some common challenges we encounter as we help clients prepare for the important transition into retirement.

Becoming a Wise Investor — Part 3 of 3

I encourage you to proceed — not just with caution, but with great anticipation of the possibilities that await you on the other side!

Becoming a Wise Investor — Part 2 of 3

Remember that childhood admonition before you cross a street — stop, look, and listen? It is much the same for investing.

Becoming a Wise Investor — Part 1 of 3

What is often missing is a basic understanding of how to build wealth prudently and make it grow effectively over time...

Raising Money Smart Children

The way we handle money is more often than not greatly influenced by the money habits we learned growing up.

A Game Plan for 2015

Make it your goal this year to address these areas, if you haven’t already, and you will be amazed at the results when December rolls around!