Live, Give, Owe, Grow

Over time, if we spend less than we earn, we can pursue financial success. Inherent in this principle is sending our money to the right places.

Practically Speaking — The Sandwich Generation

Take time now to work on a flexible multi-generation plan. It will save stress, heartache, and expense in the years to come.

Overcome the Anxiousness of Work

Working more hours doesn’t necessarily make you better at your craft. Work with purpose as a wise steward of the time God gives you.

Practically Speaking — Changes to Social Security

Being proactive rather than reactive allows you to make the wisest decisions possible for you and your family.

Is Your Investment Plan Working?

You may be noticing this on your statements. If you haven’t, that may not be a bad thing, and I’ll explain why later.

Practically Speaking — Wealth Health

Witnessing the consequences of financial neglect compels me to promote wealth health to anyone who will listen.

Practically Speaking — Joy to the World

The blessings we receive while shopping for each other bring us more joy than any gift we could buy each other.

Overcome Obstacles to Generosity

Putting generosity into action requires initial steps — even small ones.

Biblical advice for sudden wealth

A Biblical Perspective of Sudden Wealth

Sudden wealth can be a blessing when handled wisely, but it also has potential to cause great harm.

The Federal Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 may affect you

Changes to Social Security

Many of you have heard about recent changes to Social Security that came from the Federal Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015....

Unspectacular growth in 2015

Will the Slow Growth, Bumpy Ride Continue?

We wanted to briefly address the current investment environment, which is characterized by unspectacular returns and increasing volatility.

Practically Speaking — Sudden Wealth

While sudden wealth can be a blessing, without the proper framework, it has the potential to do as much harm as good.