Keep the Woe, Woe, Woe Out of your Ho, Ho, Ho

I’m hoping to offer you a few simple antidotes for your money woes with the hope it may help keep you centered on the wonder of Christmas

Selecting a Financial Professional

Several fundamentals should be at the core of every professional relationship you consider. These include:

The Power of Possessions

People experience great joy when living out stewardship principles and it is compounded when we learn how to maximize that impact.

Empowering Women

With women earning more, inheriting more, and controlling more, it's important to be prepared for the responsibility of wealth management.

The Power of ONE

There are 360 degrees and every one of them matters. Pick just “one degree” today that will focus your financial life on long term impact.

Avoid the Use of Debt

Reducing or eliminating debt can truly be an exciting journey with benefits on so many levels! So take a deep breath and jump right in.

The Power of Contentment

Paying attention to these three things can ultimately produce both internal satisfaction and external outcomes we value.

Spending and living fully

A Spending Plan

A spending plan is neither restrictive nor burdensome, but rather a friend that can help you live life intentionally and fully

Radical Generosity

Radical generosity isn’t measured just by the size of the gift but by the motivation of the heart as well.

Leaving a Legacy of Love

Experience has taught us a few valuable lessons we’d like to communicate that might help prevent unintentional family conflict.

Which Documents to Keep & For How Long?

The search for documents that are hard to find can cause untold frustration. Here we will go over what documents to keep & for how long...

The Power of a Paradigm Shift

I have been encouraged by a number of positive changes that I have observed the past several years. Here are 10 positive paradigm shifts: