Family Legacy Planning

Many people race through life without aligning their plans with their unique purposes and values. How you optimize your time, talent, resources, and relationships influences generations to come. A focus on legacy planning is designed to help families gain clarity and confidence for impactful, multi-generational planning. It’s not just about money—it’s your family, your life, and your legacy that matter!

Family Legacy Planning is designed to help you answer and implement these four questions:

1. What do we want to be remembered for in generations to come?
2. What values uniquely shape our family?
3. What can we do to memorialize what we value as a family?
4. What tools and activities will help us invest in and implement our multi-generational Family Legacy Plan?

There are two kinds of legacies—the one you inherited and the one you will leave behind. While you have little control over the former, you have a great deal of influence over the latter. We empower you to take control of your future through Family Legacy Planning.

Money Smart Families

Resources to train young children to handle money

Learn how to talk to your children about money

Goal Setting, Chores, Earning Money, Leadership Principles, Buying a First Car, Job Interviewing

From birth to adulthood, we provide you the resources and guidance

Advanced Planning

Gain clarity around your unique skills, talents, experiences, and values to help you maximize impact in the lives of others

Proactively engage future generations to build upon your wisdom and wealth legacy to enhance the likelihood they carry out your vision.

Look beyond the technical and legal aspects of your business as you explore effective ways to equip and mentor the next generation of a family business

Explore ways to use your leadership, influence, and financial margin to leverage your family’s impact on those causes that matter most to you

Building a Financial Plan that incorporates your Personal, Family, Business, and Charitable values can lead to confident decisions today and impactful results tomorrow

Family Engagements

Enjoyable and Meaningful
Develop connections around your family’s values, mission and vision

Organized and Flexible
We help you create a focus for your retreat, organize your agenda, and facilitate discussions

Unique Experience
Share, communicate, and have fun together

Strong Family Connections
Memories and traditions that can be built to your liking with our help

Explore the unique values that make you who you are today and memorialize them for future generations

Design a written expression of your vision for future generations that incorporates your story and what you value today

Establish family governance with tools such as a Family Constitution, Family By-Laws, and a Family Advisory Board that support the family’s vision and encourages healthy relationships