Financial & Tax Planning

Our focus is on what’s important to you. By coordinating the many unique aspects of your life our priorities are to:

• Organize your financial life
• Anticipate and prepare for your life transitions
• Coach forward progress
• Tell you the truth

Through planning you can have confidence, feel organized, and use freed up time to focus on what you enjoy. Financial planning is not a one-time event; it’s a process that adapts as your life changes.

Retirement Planning

We help you identify and align your vision, values, and priorities

Create income during retirement through sustainable portfolio withdrawals

Assess the best time to take benefits and different claiming strategies

Coordinate payout options with other income sources and needs

Invest into appropriate accounts and assets to produce long-term wealth

Tax Planning

Coordination with your tax professional

Reduction in your tax bill by tactically selling investments for a short period

Giving strategies designed to reduce taxes and create an impact

Use of pre-tax, post-tax, and taxable investment accounts

Cash Flow Planning

Understand your income and expenses to emphasize your goals and priorities

Assess the right accounts and investments for different goals

Utilize tax-efficient accounts for college savings and funding strategies

Risk Management

Determine how much risk to retain or transfer to an insurance company

Prepare for healthcare costs and their impact on your future

Estate Planning

Coordination with your estate planning attorney

Ensure your assets are registered in alignment with your priorities to minimize administration, taxes and costs

Properly list beneficiaries to ensure your assets reach their intended destination