The Power of Possessions

The Power of Possessions


Moses was given a God-sized task to lead His people out of bondage. In Exodus 3 and 4 we find Moses protesting with an assortment of reasons why he wasn’t the one for the job. In Exodus 4:2, God asks Moses, “What’s that in your hand?” That sobering question gives me pause every time I read it. Ultimately God used a simple rod in Moses’ hand to illustrate a powerful lesson and produce incredible impact.

Someday we will hear God asking us these questions:

What did you do with My Son?

What did you do with My “stuff”?

My passion in life is to help people discover the Son and wisely manage all He entrusts to them. People experience great joy when living out His stewardship principles. This joy is especially compounded when they learn how to maximize their giving impact. It typically starts with these four questions:


So often our initial approach to giving is from an attitude of obligation but when you think about it, giving is actually an act of grace. It began in John 3:16 — God so loved the world that He gave! As His children, giving becomes a part of His nature in us as well. God is serious about giving. He tells us we will be better off for it. His promised rewards extend beyond financial blessing, too. Material reward may follow a faithful giver, but God’s blessings come in many other powerful ways — growing faith, influence, favor, and wisdom — just to name a few. Many blessings we won’t even see this side of heaven. Giving helps us align our priorities with Him and multiplies His impact in the lives of our family, those around us, and throughout the world.


If we don’t start with the right premise, we’ll not get to the right answer to this question. Everything we have belongs to God and is on loan to us. This fundamental ownership principle must be settled first. Giving to God is often an afterthought, but the secret to giving joyfully is to decide in advance to make His priorities your priorities. Next, you need to answer how much do I and my family need? The optimal word here is “need”. Distinguishing between needs (must haves) and wants (nice to have) is critically important. Finally, going through the process of identifying your financial finish line so you can definitively answer that question is liberating. I’ve seen so many instances where giving resources can be freed up sooner because the finish line had been clarified.


This is a question only God can answer so start by going to the Owner and prayerfully asking Him for direction. He has also given us guidelines outlined in Scripture. For example, it is very clear that His Word, His church, widows, orphans, and the poor are very close to God’s heart. Between the guidelines in the Bible and the passions He has put on your heart, you will find joy-filled opportunities to be His hands and His feet in the needy world around you.


It is so exciting to explore the answer to this question! A great deal can be done with strategic planning and tactical tools. For example, if you have appreciated assets or you find yourself asset-rich and perhaps cash-poor, there are great opportunities to leverage your giving tax-efficiently while turning assets into cash flow. This is where professional assistance might help you identify high-value giving solutions.

In Exodus 4:20 we find Moses has set out on his journey of obedience with the rod of God in His hand. Your “rod” might be your bank account, your portfolio, your real estate or your business. It might even be your relationships or influence. God has put something in everyone’s hand that can be multiplied for His purposes. There are so many giving strategies that will help you simplify and leverage your giving not just in the future, but now! God never asks us to do what we can’t, but as a faithful steward, He demands we do all we can with what we’ve been given. So what has God put in your hands and what are you doing with it?

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