Portfolio Rebalancing: Why You Should Do It

The market is at all-time highs despite the economy. Let's talk about rebalancing as a part of a long-term strategic investment process.

Fourth Quarter 2020 Investment Market Review

Take a look at our Fourth Quarter 2020 Investment Market Review. Download our free PDF.

Bitcoin, Tax Increases, and Inflation: Cut Through The Noise

This week Anthony Saffer and Alex Okugawa discuss the recent Bitcoin euphoria, potential tax increases, and hyperinflation.

Prop 19: Do You Have Appreciated California Real Estate That You Plan to Leave to Your Children?

California's Proposition 19, passed in November, has dramatically changed how you can leave or give California real estate to your children.

How to Protect Your Wealth: Avoiding Scams

Advancement of technology has lead to an increase in scams. You need to know how to protect your wealth. Let’s discuss a plan to protect yourself.

How Can I Teach My Children To Handle Money Wisely?

How can I better equip my children to handle money wisely? Let's discuss simple techniques you can use to raise money smart kids.

How To Lower Taxes: Stealthy Mutual Fund Distributions

People don't often realize that mutual funds can release big distributions towards the end of the year, which is taxable income...

How to Invest During Coronavirus: Should I Be Optimistic?

Investing during Coronavirus. What do I need to do not just in the long term, but during times of uncertainty? Am I set up for Success?

Health Risks: Do I Need Long-term Care Insurance?

52%: Is the percentage of people turning age 65 who will need some type of long-term care services in their lifetimes. What are my options?

How Should I Prepare My Portfolio for What’s Next?

2020 has been a whirlwind for investors. Some investors can't wait to get in on the action while others are nervous for what is ahead.

What You Should Know About the Stock Market’s Response to The Election

The outcome of the presidential election, closer than most had predicted, appears to be headed for recounts and lawsuits.

Government Shutdowns, Bonds, and When To Retire: Cut Through The Noise

Today we're going to be answering your questions that we've been hearing throughout the month along with what's happening around the world.