5 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid – Failing to Plan Your Time

5 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid – Failing to Plan Your Time

A successful retirement is an attainable goal. It takes diligence, discipline, and some creativity.

We, at One Degree Advisors, have helped hundreds of families prepare, transition, and live successfully.

We have seen families do retirement right, and unfortunately, we have seen people make serious mistakes too. While mistakes in life and finance are inevitable, we want to help you avoid the big ones.

5 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid: Mistake #4 Failing to Plan Your Time

If you can’t wait to retire, we have some important news for you. Retirement planning usually focuses on money but excludes the most precious resource of your retirement: Time!


Alex Okugawa 0:00
If you can’t wait to retire, we have some important news for you. Retirement Planning typically focuses just on money, but excludes your most precious resource in retirement time.

Alex Okugawa 0:21
All right, Anthony. So we’re in our series, 5 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid. And of course, today we’re on Mistake number four, which is failing to plan your time,

Anthony Saffer 0:29
You may be looking to retire because of stress, pressure, just overall lack of free time.

Alex Okugawa 0:34
Absolutely. And most people rightfully so they prioritize the money. They’re very focused on the money. Am I gonna have enough money to make it to retirement? Am I gonna have enough money through retirement? Am I gonna have enough money to meet my needs? Right? It’s a very focused topic. But the problem is, is focusing purely on money leaves out the other very important resource, which is time.

Anthony Saffer 0:57
Yeah, absolutely. planning the finances is important. I think of many clients that we’ve counseled into retirement, one in particular comes to mind, she’s done such a great job of being productive. She’s taught a cooking class, she’s helped tourists that come through the cruise lines here in San Diego, she feels productive, she feels fulfilled.

Alex Okugawa 1:16
Absolutely, but the flip side of that is, you know, sometimes people when they’re working, they might enjoy, let’s say golf, as a relaxation technique, but the problem is, is that once they retire, well, all they do is golf. And so in many ways it becomes work to them.

Anthony Saffer 1:31
Yeah, it can and so when people think about planning their time, they often think that that might be work. But that’s not what we’re saying that you need to plan out every minute of every day. It’s more about letting your activity and your purpose really guide your time overall. So things that you want to be thinking about is like, how can I reinvent myself? What am I gifted at? What do I really enjoy doing that I can feel fulfilled in doing.

Alex Okugawa 1:54
And there are more questions like this in our complimentary guide 5 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid because the truth is, we believe that you can have a successful retirement with the proper planning in place.

Anthony Saffer 2:05
Right and the guide helps to have a successful retirement, you can plan your time you can overcome this common mistake. Absolutely. And you can download our complimentary guide, 5 Retirement Mistakes to Avoid we will link to our website and you can download it today.


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