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How much money do you need to retire?

How much money do you need to retire? Retirement can be the most significant financial transition of your life so your calculation has major implications.

Smart tax saving strategies

Smart Tax Saving Strategies: 4 Key Habits

Taxes might be the biggest expense you pay over your lifetime. Smart tax saving strategies can ensure you pay less taxes over your life. In this post, I am…

Are bonds worth the investment right now?

Are bonds worth investing in?

Interest rates are at historic lows. As interest rates rise, this puts downward pressure on the value of bonds. Are bonds worth investing in?

Successful Investing Lessons from 2020

2020 has provided key lessons in how to be successful at investing. It’s a masterclass for those paying attention. Here are four key lessons.

California real estate prop 19

California Prop. 19: May Affect Your Children

California's Proposition 19, passed in November, has dramatically changed how you can leave or give California real estate to your children.

4 Keys: Avoid letting fear and greed drive your decision-making

It is commonly said that fear and greed drive the stock market, but you should avoid letting fear and greed drive your decision-making.


Should you pay off your mortgage for retirement?

Because mortgage interest is generally tax-deductible and interest rates are currently low, some believe that a homeowner should extend a mortgage as long as…

The Essential Components of a Financial Plan

You need a financial plan to help you make the best decisions you can for today and ensure that’s the case tomorrow and the next day as well.

How Can Gratitude Help You Prosper?

Being grateful is so much more than just being nice or simply the right thing to do. It can be the foundation of contentment, fulfillment and purpose.

4 Things I’ve learned after 20 years as a financial advisor

If you are waiting for certainty from the news, it’s likely you will never find that ‘perfect’ moment. Instead, follow principles that have always……

Money Smart Families Begin at Home

We sincerely believe that passing wisdom before passing wealth to the next generation helps minimize the potential harmful effects of money and instead can be…

Ten Minutes a Day May Be All It Takes

Six days a week during the summer our three kids are to spend at least ten minutes on activities addressing these four areas: spiritual, academic,…