Investing does not have to be complicated. You are on a track of building wealth, and you need a simple, effective solution to invest for your future. Comprehensive financial planning may not make sense for you yet. We understand that. Through our Ignite program, you can invest while receiving guidance from one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™. As your wealth continues to grow, and comprehensive financial planning becomes more relevant, we will discuss how to take your financial planning and investment management to the next level.

What’s included with Ignite:

  • Professional investment management
  • Low cost and diversified ETFs & Funds
  • Intelligent rebalancing
  • Access to High Impact financial guidance*
  • Easy transition to financial planning with your One Degree CFP®


During this brief call we determine if One Degree can provide the solutions you are looking for. If we can’t help you, we will try and provide resources you may find beneficial.

During this 60-minute appointment we will address your most pressing questions and priorities. Our goal is to walk away from this meeting with a few tangible items to improve your financial situation.

Time to put your money to work with a professionally managed investment strategy.

Ongoing Guidance. We can continue to meet for High Impact meetings to tailor your financial strategy. As your needs evolve, we will discuss when it’s time to take the next step to comprehensive financial planning.

Let’s Get Started!

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