Four Keys to Overcoming Anxiety about Money

Are my family and I going to be okay? People want this question answered more than any other when it comes to planning their finances. It is not uncommon for anxiety to the surface when paying bills, looking at debt, and peering into an uncertain future … most all of us long for some sense of security.

It’s a reasonable question. After all, we are innately driven to survive. What makes this question hard to answer is the relative expectation of what “okay” means to each one of us. This is compounded by the fact that anxiety can have a detrimental effect on physical health, job performance, relationships, and even financial decisions. This can cause well-meaning individuals to stagnate instead of progressing with confident decisions.

Here are four keys that will help to reduce anxiety about finances:

  1. Have a plan and act on it: Through planning, people tend to find relief in addressing immediate issues (such as cash flow) which causes them to gain peace of mind in knowing that they are addressing future issues. In other words, they feel better today by planning for tomorrow. Planning helps put the puzzle together as each financial decision is often dependent on another.
  2. Be generous: While the pursuit of security is natural and even worthy, money is uncertain and only a tool. Giving money away to advance worthy causes reduces the hold it can have. I saw this during the 2008 recession — those who lived generously typically had a different view of money during a distressing time.
  3. Invest in your marriage: If you are married and desire to work as a team with your finances, then you need to strengthen your team. Finances are said to be the most common reason for divorce and addressing only the surface issues without overcoming the source problem can lead to failure during difficulty. Strengthening the emotional security of your relationship can allow for a much stronger financial foundation.
  4. Trust God to lead you: Strong leadership is revealed when adversity hits. Followers disperse if the leader is not credible. Similarly, it’s tough to overcome anxiety with unfounded, blind optimism. God makes the sun rise on us all each day, and we are each encouraged to trust Him. “Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:6–7). Money is fleeting, but God promises to provide a solid foundation for those who trust Him.

To break the power of anxiety you must inevitably give up something of value. It may be your time, money, the way you’ve always done things, or your pride, but the rewards of security, fulfillment, contentment and confidence will be well worth it.

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