Should I work one more year? And does it matter? A framework to retire ASAP

Should I work one more year? Or should I just retire?

In this video Anthony Saffer breaks it down.

work one more year

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In the quest for a secure and fulfilling retirement, the decision to work one more year can be a pivotal moment. Many individuals find themselves grappling with the question: Does working one additional year truly matter for my retirement? In this article, we’ll explore a framework designed to help you make an informed decision about the significance of that extra year of work.

If you’re contemplating the idea of extending your working years, you’re not alone. This common concern is precisely what we aim to address. Our framework has assisted numerous clients in navigating this decision-making process and gaining clarity on its implications.

Work One More Year Syndrome

Before diving into the framework, let’s consider a scenario involving George and Sue, a couple preparing for retirement. They repeatedly found themselves saying, “I guess we’ll work just one more year.” The recurring nature of this statement led to what we call the “one more year syndrome.”

Identifying the Factors

The framework aims to unravel the factors contributing to the one more year syndrome. The first obstacle often faced is the fear of running out of money during retirement. This fear can prompt individuals to default to working another year as a precautionary measure.

Financial Planning: The Key to Confidence

Quality financial planning is crucial to overcoming the default response of working one more year. By projecting your cash flow for the years ahead, considering income streams, investments, and estimated living expenses, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial readiness for retirement.

Addressing Uncertainties

George and Sue’s case highlights the importance of addressing uncertainties beyond mere financial projections. Questions about healthcare, income needs, and tax implications need to be answered to alleviate unease about retirement. Proactive planning can provide the edge needed to confidently step into retirement.

The Impact of One More Year

While working one more year can provide a financial boost, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. The framework emphasizes the need to assess whether you have enough to accomplish your retirement priorities. If not, working an additional year might be the right choice, but it should be complemented by proactive planning.

Organizing Your Time: A Crucial Consideration

Beyond finances, the framework encourages individuals to consider how they will organize their time in retirement. Addressing questions of purpose, fulfillment, and social interaction is essential for a successful transition to retirement activities.


In conclusion, the decision to work one more year is a nuanced one. The framework presented here helps you evaluate the financial and non-financial aspects, providing a personalized approach to your retirement readiness. By addressing uncertainties, organizing your time, and making informed decisions, you can retire with confidence.

Take the Next Step

To further assist you in gauging your retirement readiness, we offer a free retirement readiness report. Click on the link below to access this valuable tool. Retirement is a significant milestone, and our goal at One Degree Advisors is to help you approach it with confidence.




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