Advantage belongs to the diligent, not the hasty.

I enjoy helping clients achieve their goals and make an impact with their wealth.

I knew I wanted to work in the financial world once I had a taste of investing and working toward personal goals at a young age. Since 1999, I have focused my career on simplifying complex matters through the financial planning process. I teamed up with Audrey Coleman in 2006 and then with One Degree Advisors in 2014.

I currently hold a Business Economics degree from the University of San Diego and I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. I am also the author of Principled Prosperity where I write columns providing clear advice in a complicated financial world.

When outside of the office you can find me on a soccer field coaching my daughter or watching my boys.

Bucket List: Traveling to Israel with my wife, Robin.

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Caution: Your expectations of stock market returns may be unrealistic

Expected stock returns and outcomes are constantly compared. Unrealistic and unmet expectations often lead to negative responses and consequences.

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How to Retire Without a Mortgage After Refinancing

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