invest in commodities

Should I Invest in Commodities in 2022?

Should I invest in commodities like oil, gold, and food in 2022? With stocks and bonds down in 2022 and 9% inflation, Anthony & Alex discuss.

2022 housing market

What Experts are Saying About the 2022 Housing Market

2022 Housing Market: What experts have to say about the 2022 housing market along with a deep dive into the data to see what's going on.

401k down in 2022

401k Down in 2022?? Why You Should You Still Contribute

401k down in 2022? In this video, we will explain why you should still contribute to your 401(k) EVEN when the stock market is down...

Second Quarter 2022 Investment Market Review

Take a look at our second quarter 2022 Investment Market Review. Download our free PDF.

Jerome Powell fed increasing interest rates

How the Fed Increasing Interest Rates Affects Your Financial Plan

How the fed Increasing Interest rates impacts your financial plan, plus 4 strategies to consider for your money in the short and long term.

HSA loophole retirement

HSA Loophole – The Secret Way to Use Your HSA! (2022 & Beyond)

In this video, we discuss a little-known secret HSA loophole that can allow you to take tax-free withdrawals in retirement.

Young investors bear market

Why Young Investors Should Love A Bear Market (2022)

In this video, Matt & Alex discuss how young investors can take advantage of the stock market being down in 2022.

Retirement in 2022

3 Ways to Protect Your Retirement in 2022 – Stock Market Decline

How to protect your retirement in 2022. Let's cover some helpful insights for times when the stock market declines and worry kicks in.

retirement age 55

Average Retirement Savings By Age 55. How much should you have saved? (2022 edition)

What is the average retirement savings by age 55? Today Anthony & Alex break down one simple exercise that every retiree should go through.

Hidden taxes

BEWARE of the Hidden Taxes in Retirement (2022 Tax Traps!)

There are hidden retirement taxes that can potentially derail your retirement. Today we discuss what to watch out for, so you can be prepared.

2022 Recession what to know

2022 Recession: Are Stocks Headed Lower?

In this episode of Cut Through The Noise, Anthony Saffer and Alex Okugawa share their thoughts on recessions, inflation, and other questions we've been asked…

bear market S&P 500 2022

10 Rules to Live by During a Bear Market

Here are 10 small (but powerful) investing rules that you can use in a bear market to build wealth for the long term.

Is your family set up to succeed or fail?

9 out of 10 traditional inheritance plans will fail… That’s 90 percent — and most of them in the first generation.

Complimentary Guide

Is your family set up to succeed or fail?

6 Keys To Create An Impactful Legacy