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Engineer & Self-Employed


Enjoy life today while balancing long-term responsibilities. We want to maximize our financial resources, including, stock options and retirement savings, while reducing taxes.


  • Enjoy life today while balancing long-term responsibilities
  • Maximize their financial resources, including stock options and retirement savings
  • Reduce taxes through comprehensive financial planning
  • Have more confidence that they are on the right track
  • Align their faith with their finances


James and Jessica have been successful by many standard metrics but feel like they aren’t making progress or completely taking advantage of their money. Everyone around them seems to have the “right” answer which only leaves them more confused.

Together they’ve created successful careers for themselves and that wasn’t a result of luck. They’ve reached a point where they’re making well over $250,000 a year as a household – yet, still feel like they’re catching up.

James has recently been promoted and was handed a complex packet listing his different stock options, investment options and employee benefits. While he’s loving his new responsibilities, he frankly doesn’t have the time to understand any of these investments and benefits.

Jessica started a small part-time business when their first child was born. Flexibility and time with family was a high priority. The business is beginning to gain traction and generate revenue.

Between James’ new promotion and Jessica’s growing business, they feel like they’re not maximizing their resources. Their young family is growing and with three children in the house, they have their hands full. As they think about their lives and the years ahead, they feel like they’re called to accomplish something greater than themselves.

They would like to increase their charitable giving and develop strong money habits with their children. They know finances are important, but with all of their other responsibilities, they have gone into autopilot – simply reacting to life’s changes.


The first thing we did was listen and this took them by surprise. Other “advisors” they’d talked to in the past simply tried to sell them insurance or place them into investment products. We explained that before making any recommendations, we needed to fully understand their situation: Their story, their current situation, and the greater purpose of their finances. We utilized technology to meet virtually for several meetings as arranging care for three young children could prove to be too much of a challenge.

We created a manageable and comprehensive action plan that focused on their goals, organized by highest priority. The plan clearly laid out the most important strategic items they could accomplish in the coming months. For example, we focused on the following:

  • Creating a strategic cash flow plan designed to build emergency cash reserves, dedicated funds for family vacations, and increase charitable giving
  • Tailoring an investment portfolio for James’ investment plan through work
  • Opening a Solo 401(k) through Jessica’s business to save taxes
  • Utilizing a Section 83(b) election on James’ restricted stock, saving substantial taxes in the long run
  • Developing a strategic plan to ensure their financial priorities become aligned with their faith and vision
  • Starting them on our Money Smart Families program to develop strong money habits in their children

Understandably, they had a laundry list of things that needed to get done. The focus was not on overloading them with everything but prioritizing the most important items to accomplish in the short-term. We agreed upon a system to meet frequently and adjust as life changes. This created a clear path and built confidence.


James and Jessica were like most young, successful professionals – juggling successful careers, family and financial responsibilities. While they were handling their careers and family well, their finances were neglected – and it created stress. This young couple gained confidence through our comprehensive financial planning process, knowing they were fully taking advantage of their investments, cash flow, and creating a foundation for their family’s wealth and core values. They had a new sense of freedom knowing they were on the right path with a professional to guide them as life inevitably changes.

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