What Happens When I Refer Someone to One Degree Advisors?

Making a recommendation to a friend or family member for a service or product can be both uneasy and rewarding. At One Degree Advisors, we strive to provide massive value and an excellent experience.

Here are a few considerations:

Why You May Want to Refer a Friend or Family Member

1DA Referral

They need financial guidance because of:

  • A specific question
  • A transition in life
  • A significant financial event
  • Readiness for more significant forward planning

You have seen the benefits of working with us as you have advanced toward your goals and want the same for those you care about.

You believe we genuinely want to guide our clients according to their best interest, and your friend needs someone they can trust.

What to Expect

In a quest to help your friends and family succeed, let’s provide a rundown of what your friend or family member would expect if you refer them to One Degree Advisors. We understand that your friend’s experience (even on a brief call) may reflect on you, so we will always provide them with a positive experience.


Your friend is ultimately in charge of how they want to meet us. We can reach out to them, or they can reach out to us. If they want you to provide a personal introduction, that is good with us.

What we won’t do is bug them with repeated phone calls or emails. If their interest fades, we understand and will move on.


Before we schedule a meeting, we like to talk with prospective clients for approximately 15 minutes.

The objective is simply to listen to their primary questions, concerns, and expectations. If we may be able to help, we’ll schedule an introductory meeting.

They can go to our website and schedule a complimentary call with us by clicking Get Started.

If it is apparent that we are not a good fit to help them, we will steer them in the right direction. Often, this means pointing them to helpful resources or even addressing some of their basic questions. We understand that your friend’s experience (even on a brief call) may reflect on you, so we want to provide them with a positive experience.


Whether this takes place via an in-person meeting, video call or phone call, we listen to prospective clients expand on their objectives and financials. This meeting is complimentary as we explore moving forward. If we can help, we will begin to outline a path forward. This includes our initial ideas on strategies that may be helpful and how we can provide value.

This discussion may transition into a second meeting, but either way, we outline a process and fee schedule so they know what to expect and can make an informed decision. We summarize our “top of the head” ideas as we want them to see how quality planning can provide valuable and actionable strategies relevant to them. It’s perfectly fine if they want to take time to think about moving forward.


If a prospective client decides to become a client, they are entrusting us with a big responsibility. We understand that. On our website, we outline our fiduciary oath, which we believe guides the relationship and builds trust.

One Degree Advisor fiduciary oath

Potential Concerns and How We Address Them

You are not sure if they are a good fit for us to help. Do they “qualify”?

We start with a brief phone call to alleviate your concern if we are a good fit to help. Even if we cannot help, we will steer them in a beneficial direction and make their experience (even if brief) an excellent one.

You are unsure if we have the availability to take on new clients.

We are growing as a firm and manage our availability accordingly while maintaining a watchful eye on providing the best experience for you and our current clients. If the current season does not allow us to serve a new client well, we will explain that we cannot currently take them on without sacrificing our standards to current clients. We are happy to refer another wonderful advisor if they choose not to wait.  

This is their life savings! This is no small deal, and that’s a lot of responsibility on you!

You got that right! We understand our role and your confidence and do not take either lightly. This is why we strive to provide massive value and an excellent experience.

It is also why we are big proponents of our clients’ engaging a strong financial team for collaboration in the areas of tax preparation and planning, estate planning and real estate matters. A strong team willing to collaborate can cooperate to provide general and specific expertise and accountability.


We appreciate your confidence in us and hope this summary helps you to better understand what happens when you refer a friend or family member to One Degree Advisors.

Besides a personal phone call or email, any referrals are also welcome to arrange the initial 15-minute call directly on our website to Get Started with us.

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